Royal Buckeye Carpet Cleaners - Carpet Cleaners Were Rude and Potentially Unsafe


Two men came to my home to clean the carpets.Their customer service skills were nonexistent, which wouldn't have been that much of an issue had they not sprayed carpet cleaning inches away from my infant son.

I moved my son and his car seat, which they were spraying directly next to, and they mumbled something about their chemicals being safe for babies and kids. My husband later called to complain, and instead of apologizing, a woman who hadn't been in my apartment called my husband back, leaving a message saying that they hadn't been spraying next to my son, and that they never would do that.

They did.They had a chance to make it right, but they chose to leave a rude and defensive message.

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Hilliard, Ohio, United States #1186613

This company is a joke! Don't hire them! Complete waste of money!

to Anonymous St. Charles, Missouri, United States #1191733

Grow up people

Lewis Center, Ohio, United States #1055002

Wow I find this complaint very hard to believe. I've been using this company for about 15 years and have never had a bad experience. Very professional, courteous and the best carpet cleaner I've ever used.

to Anonymous #1369227

agreed. Good company. Some people just want to complain about everything and anything....what kind of *** leaves their child in a carsrat on the floor while getting their carpets cleaned?

Hilliard, Ohio, United States #850588

Seriously lady...let me ask u knew that Royal Buckets was coming ,correct?Why would you have your child in same room or for that matter yourself in the same room that they are doing.

I understand that apartments are sometimes small but does it not have another area for u to be in? This way the technicians can do their job and get out of your hair sooner. One other question. Do you not have a kitchen counter so that you may place your baby's car seat on it or in the sink.

They should have called child protective services on you if you thought the chemicals they were using were harmful....shame on u.Btw, I bet your carpets looked fantastic!

Columbus, Ohio, United States #756236

Some people just try to get free carpet cleaning to funny lady. I have used this company for over 15 years and they have been around all children and infants the chemicals spray down out out in the air. You have no brain.

to Anonymous #756237

oops meant spray down not out in the air was upset to see this!!!

to Anonymous Hilliard, Ohio, United States #1177057

Sarah - the word is "too funny lady" not "to" completely different meanings. Good luck to you


Royal Buckeye has been in business for 20 years and this comment made is foolish only true costumers know Royal Buckeye and the owner it is family operated and they take pride in what they do! The world is full of foolish people making stuff up because there lives are miserable I would trust Royal buckeye to clean my carpet around my children and my pets

to Anonymous Hilliard, Ohio, United States #1177058

True customers know that Sarah and Roy are tax frauds and will be audited this year. True customers know that Roy has shown up still drunk from the night before. True customers know that Sarah is cancer for this business.

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